About Us

Shelterize is a web app intended to help those seek shelter and stay informed during natural disasters or other calamities.

Shelterize began as a collaborative project during Rice Hackathon 2017. It was born out of a need to address the recent ongoing disasters with Harvey, Irma and earthquakes in Mexico. It is a mix of multiple languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript along with various APIs to give it as much functionality as we can during the short hackathon timeframe.

Shelterize is unique in that it doesn't limit itself to just the devestation of brought on by Hurricane Harvey but has been built with flexibility in mind for future disasters and dangerous events. The multitude of APIs help a user stay inform and make careful decisions when it comes to disasters. In addition to its robust use of APIs, Shelterize comes included with a database that helps keep track of various entities during an event. The three main entities that the database was built in mind for are:

  • People In Need: Often times emergency lines are too busy or the person does not have the required social media (Elderly, Children, etc) to notify others.
  • People Who Are Safe: Shelterize allows a unified framework to let others know they are safe besides standard social media. Those who may not be on certain social networks can still see if friends and relatives are safe.
  • People Who Want To Help: Shelterize provides a unified framework to allow volunteers to readily provide shelter or supplies when possible.

Shelterize - Stay Safe